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  • Peel-Off Ends Line
    Peel-Off Ends Line

    CAPEX has acquired the latest technology to produce its Peel-Off Ends.

  • Cap Lines
    Cap Lines

    Cap Forming and Lining machines capable of producing up to 1000 cpm.

  • Easy Open Ends Line
    Easy Open Ends Line

    The Shell Press from Germany and the Conversion Press from the U.S.A.

  • Printing Line
    Printing Line

    Latest 6 colors U.V. metal printing

  • Coating Lines
    Coating Lines

    Our flexible high performance and high precision coating lines

  • Coil Cutting Line
    Coil Cutting Line

    Our World-class Littell coil and sheet cutter line

International Cap (CAPEX)

International Cap (CAPEX) is proud to be a leader in the metal packaging business and aims to be a preferred packaging partner for food producers in the global market. Our operation is of world class standards with continuous innovative modules processes , using the most updated equipment and process available.
We work in partnership with our customers to build their brands, launch their new products and even improve the performance of existing products.

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Our Mission

We Add Value To The Food Industry By Manufacturing The Highest Quality Packaging Products. We Commit To Protect Our Environment And Develop Our Corporate Culture Based On Our Social Responsibility. We Focus On Continuous Improvements Of Our Human Resources, Production Processes And Optimization Of Shareholders Equity.

Our Vision

To Be A Preferred Packing Partner For Food and Beverage Producers In The Global Market.

Our Products